Language Club 'Kehkashan'


This club works under the supervision and guidance of all the language and social science teachers. The club organizes activities in four language that are taught in school, namely, urdu, Marathi, hindi and English. Accordingly, the four sub-clubs are named as:

o Shama-e-Farozan  (Urdu club)

o Manthan              (Marathi Club)

o Gyan Deep           (Hindi club)

o Twinkling Star       (English Club)


•              To allow students to continue to learn outside of their classroom setting.

•              To help pupils to use language effectively when reading, writing, listening and speaking.

•              To promote and develop acquaintance with languages other than their mother tongue in a friendly atmosphere.

•              To improve their pronunciation, confidence and self-esteem

•              To extend their vocabulary knowledge

•              To encourage students develop good public speaking skills.

•              To spark the interest in the social and educational issues

English Club Activities:

1)            Competitions

a)            Ms. Annie Samson Eng. Contest

Recitation V-VI, Story telling VII-VIII, Elocution IX,X

b)            Handwriting Competition

c)            Quiz

d)            Debate

e)            Drawing competition

f)             Collage competition

g)            Fancy dress

2)            Visits

3)            Lectures/workshops/seminars

4)            Balika Divas on 3rd January every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Savitri bai Phule.

Urdu Club Activities:

1)            Writing Competition

2)            Story Telling (Tribute to Premchand)

3)            Poem Recitation (Tribute to Allama-Iqbal)

4)            Bait Baazi (Tribute to Ghalib)

5)            Gazal Sarai (Chand Tasweer-e-Butan)

6)            Shoal Magazine

7)            Jokes Competition

8)            A visit to Urdu Research Centre Anjuman-I-Islam

9)            Essay Competition

10)          Elocution Competition

11)          Play

Hindi Club Activities:

I - Balika Divas

•              Play for Balika Divas

•              Importance of Balika Divas

•              Speech for Road Safety

•              Drama on Road Safety

•              Warming Up

•              Competition

a) Drawing Competition Std. V

b) Mono Acting Std. VIII

     Fancy Dress Std. V to VIII

c) Hand Writing Competition Std. V to IX

II - Hindi Divas

•              Importance of Hindi Divas

•              Speech For Hindi Divas

•              Jokes

•              Story Telling

Marathi Club Activities:

I – Bal Divas

•              Character & Fancy Dress Comp.

•              Importance of Bal Divas

•              Songs

•              Jokes & Comedy

•              Drama or Play for Bal Divas

II- Maharashtra Day

•              Importance of Maharashtra Day

•              Speech For Maharashtra Day

•              Songs on Maharashtra Day

•              Marathi Slogan & Good Thoughts

13/12/2012 : English Contest to commemorate Ms.Annie Samson

To commemorate Ms. Annie Samson (our first principal), Miss Samson English Contest was held in the school auditorium. It was organized by the in charge teachers of the language club. Students from Std. 5th_8th participated in the contest. The winners were given prizes and a participation certificate.

Happy Birthday Wishes

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