A day of great pride


30th July, 1996



Education is undoubtedly an indispensable aspect of life. The holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) once directed his followers to even travel to China for the sake of knowledge. He even emphasized the need for women to pursue the field of education as the mother is the chief transmitter of culture. Anjuman-I-Islam Girls’ institutions are striving to follow the dictates of the Holy Prophet.



In keeping with the teaching of the Holy Prophet and also it is my inner most opinion that the time is ripe for our religious heads to declare education for girls as a mandatory requirement for every family at least upto the higher secondary level. Moreover the encouragement must originate from the parents of such girls to take up various professional careers.


In the fast competitive world it has become a necessity for every individual to plan his future keeping in mind his interest, talent, time, resources and opportunities. The decision to this effect has to be taken at a very early stage and a successful individual result only when there is a perfect co-ordination between the students, parents and school.


22nd July 1996 was a day of extreme happiness and joy for us when Anjuman-I-Islam felicitated 12 lady students for their outstanding achievements in diverse fields of life. Nine of the 12 outstanding ladies belonged to Saif Tyabji institute and we are definitely proud of our student’s extra ordinary accomplishment. In fact Ms. Farida Naik achieved the coveted feat of being the first to qualify for I.A.S. Examination, others who attained excellence in their careers included five M.D’s. in General Medicine, Gynaecology, Cardiology, and Dentistry, one Chartered Accountant, and one B. Tech, each. I wish them a many more laurels in their respective careers.

In addition to the aforesaid we have a long list of achievements particularly in the field of medicine. Many of our girl students have pursued medical courses such as M.D, M.B.B.S, B.U.M.S., B.H.M.S., etc. We are extremely proud of Dr Zainab Kazmi, our ex-student, is the first national lady doctor of U.A.E. One of our student Ms. Hamida  Kazi was conferred P.H.D. from the London School for Economics and is presently doing exceptionally well as a faculty member advisor and director of various educational institutions in London. Some have obtained diploma in Engineering, Technology, Art & Journalism. There is an unending list of our students who have taken up teaching as their profession and some of them are even occupying high position as the Heads of department in various colleges and schools.

The entire object of high lighting the distinctive feats of our lady ex-students is to inspire our present students to achieve greater heights. Inspite of several social odds facing girls, our institute emphasizes the fact that our girls are second to none in talent. We are therefore in the midst of preparing a directory of our meritorious students stating their brief bio-data and outstanding records and achievements. We hope that such a directory can provide an opportunity of co-ordination between our past and present students and we are also hopeful that it would provide our present students with a lot of motivation, encouragement, guidance, future planning and confidence building.

The boundaries of education are unlimited. One cannot confine education merely to the books but also expand in other extra-curricular activities which also help in promoting the all round development of the human personality. In order to bring out the latest talents of our students we must hold inter Anjuman contests in various fields such as Elocution, Quiz, Sports, Drama, and other cultural activities and the various institutions of Anjuman-I-Islam should be handed over the responsibility on rotational basis.

Anjuman-I-Islam stands as a strong pillar of education especially for the upliftment and emancipation of women. It is always our deepest endeavour to assist girls to achieve meritorious status in life. The world is moving towards a fast developing phase and eves of today should not remain in stagnant and orthodox position.  It is only education and nothing but education which can place the women at par with the changing times.

I wish to end this on an encouraging note that not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced. Now is the right time.

Najma  Kazi, Principal.




Our distinguished alumni were felicitated by the management of Anjuman-i-Islam on 22nd July 1996 

From Left: Mrs. Najma Kazi, (Principal), Dr. Shagufta Ansari, Dr.Afshan Laheji, 

Dr. Kaneez Fatma, Dr. Fehmida Shaikh, (Late) Mrs.Zulekha Merchant, (Chairperson, Girls’ Board, Anjuman-Islam), Ms. Farida Naik, (Late)Dr. M. Ishaque Jamkhanawala (President, Anjuman-I-Islam), Dr. Kausar Ansari, Ms. Farzana Cazi, Ms. Farzana (Anjuman Bandra), Ms. Firdous Naik, Dr. Zakiya Khan




Dr. Zainab Abdullah Kazim

  • Passed S.S.C. from Anjuman-i-Islam’s Saif Tyabji Girls’ High School, in 1955.

Passed M.B.B.S. from Grant Medical College, Bombay

  • She is the first U.A.E. National Lady Doctor
  • Practicing in Dubai, since 1964. Now having her own private Nursing Home in Dubai called “Al-Shunnar Clinic”.
  • Recipient of the prestigious “Hamdan Award” for Medical Science by ‘Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashin Al-Maktoom’, Deputy ruler of Dubai.
  • Donated a cheque of Rs. 1,70,000 for her Alma-mater (Anjuman Bellasis Road)


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