We have considerably large well-stocked will arranged and an excellent library. our library give the opportunity for the readers and hence approximately around 5,000 students of our school can easily access knowledge from it right from the Dusk to Dawn with a seating capacity of hundred students at a time it also caters to the needy students even on bank holidays too.

the library is a treasure trove of not just periodicals and journals and books but in fact include a wide range of encyclopedias and magazines which we save for the last. also, our library has catered the need for various research works and publication of  B.Ed period books by NCERT delegates and professors from Delhi who did the Tedious work in our library for a week. In  2016 Mrs. Shama K. Tarapurwala Principal of our school received a grant of rupees more than 1,00,000 from the "Maulana Azad minority fund" to renovate and upgrade the school library.

 the library has 22973 books in general, over 1500 reference books including  Encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, attas, books of facts, and year

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