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Committee Members :    
President  :   Mrs.Najma Kazi
Secretary  :     Ms.Yasmeen Khan            
Jt. Secretary   :   Ms.Khan Safia
Teachers    :   Mrs.Shabana Khan  , Mrs. Ansari Aisha , Ms. Shaheen Syed  
      & Mrs.Dhanse Alsaba  Ms.Yasmeen Khan            
Students Member :      
V                               ---- 14    
VI                              ----     18    
VII                             ----     18    
VIII                            ----    39    
IX                              ----     79    
Total :                          ----  168    

Mission - E - Fitrat

In ours fast developing world we face global economic competition, Global warming, Crumbling physical infrastructure, energy and fuel scarcity, increased physical  fiscal deficits and public educational system are the major challenges before the coming generation. Therefore, there is a need to evolve a system of education that focus on the mission of transforming societies into more healthy environment.
With this aims in mind we had started “Fitrat Nature Club” in our school and made a club of students to nurture a vision for a more sustainable world.

Aims and Objectives of Nature Club

  • To make good use of leisure time.
  • To motivate children to love and save environment.
  • To control rising problems of nature with peace.
  • To create awareness towards nature in students.
  • To solve the problems that our nature is facing.
  • To muster courage to nurture a vision for more   sustainable world.
  • To obtain information about nature through books, computers,    competitions and visits.
  • To build up confidence among students.
  • To make students independent, responsible and self reliant.
  • To know about the surrounding and thus understand aim of life.
  • To work with cooperation and understanding.
  • To achieve their goals with ease.
  • To believe in learning by doing.

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