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Welcome to Anjuman-I-Islam's Saif Tyabji Girls' High School & Jr College

Anjuman-I-Islam's Saif Tyabji Girls' High School and Junior College of Arts and Science is committed to providing excellence in both quality education and character building with an all-round development of the moral, social and psychological development of the students. The main goal of the institution is to empower Muslim girls to pursue knowledge along with strong personal values so that it has a long-lasting contribution to the society and the nation.


News Updates

Inter house handwriting competition was held on 30th July under language club for std. 5th to10th and12th in Urdu English Hindi and Marathi - 30 July 2019
Free health check up camp organised by Health Spring on 29th July 2019 in school premises - 29 July 2019
Girl guide "group song competition was held at girl guide center fort on 26th July - 26 July 2019
On this day many programs scheduled at Nehru science center, our students participated in 1) screening of film "first man" 2)workshop on water rocket - 10 July 2019
Shaikh Nida... 82.61 (science topper) - 20 February 2019
Sunsara Sumayyah... 87.53(arts topper) - 20 February 2019
Government scholarship Exam Feb 2019 6 students of Std 8th placed in the merit list * Ansari Bushra Fatima Farooque *Sk.Farhat Naaz Aslam *Ansari Bushra Zahir *Ansari Fatima Gulzraiz *Ansari Areeba Banu Istekhar *Ansari Aiman Matloob 1 student of std 5 th placed in the merit list *Ansari Maseera Mansoor Ahmed - 20 February 2019

Jewel In The Crown

Anjuman-I-Islam's Saif Tyabji Girls's High School and Jr. College has been very fortunate to have always been blessed with dedicated principals and on 1st December 2016, the Management appointed Mrs. Shama Tarapurwala( Supervisor of Anjuman-I-Islam's Begum Jamila Haji Abdul Haq School) as Head of the School. She look Forward for all round development of the students including sports, coaching of Karate, Basketball, Skating, digital school Gurukul for weak student etc. as well as emphasing student to speak English and Marathi Language along with Marathi typing to ICT training of the teachers.

This is Indeed a small bulletin of school which will be published to make you all aware of all the Curricular & Co-curricular activities and important events held in the school campus.



Our clubs aims to develop higher order learning skills in the students. Every child should enjoy the subject rather than doing it forcefully.

Atal Tinkering Lab

Nature club (Fitrat)

Maths club

Science club (Shaoor)

Language club (Kehkashan)


Result 2018

S.S.C. 2018 Toppers

H.S.C. 2018 Toppers

S.S.C. 2019 Toppers

H.S.C. 2019 Toppers



Activity 2016-17

Monthly Planning of Activities \96 2014 \96 2015

Skills for Adolescence (SFA)

Competitions in November-December 2013

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